Marketing Consultant

Jonno Rodd is a qualified Marketing Consultant with a bachelor degree from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. Jonno is an independent branding consultant with a proven ability to translate strategies and plans into action with commitment to deliver results for your brand. If you are looking for a safe pair of hands and a no-nonsense approach, then you’re in right place. Jonno’s skills include developing relevant brand and marketing strategies; tactical project management of all your brand deliverables – including concepts, copywriting, websites (with SEO driven content and code), brand communications (literature, social web content), advertising, email campaigns, PR campaigns and internal communications.

Why Freelance Marketing?

With previous experience working for big name brands in marketing departments, Jonno Rodd provides a highly experienced and professional work ethic for all his brands – whilst saving you the cost of going through a large agency or employing an in-house team. In 2011 Jonno turned to Freelance Marketing as a way of expanding the number of businesses he could work with.

Free up your time with a Marketing Consultant

Business owners often take on all roles, all projects, all responsibility, including that of a marketer. This can result in poor communications with existing and prospective customers and missed opportunities. A marketing consultant is specialised to step back from your business and look at the bigger picture, focusing only on marketing your business. Many business owners are just too busy to dedicate enough attention to the marketing of their business, why not utilise a freelance marketing consultant to bring the right strategy to your business.

A Freelance Marketing Consultant can get you a better return on your marketing spend 

Working as a freelance marketing consultant has very little overheads, hourly rates are reasonable and all jobs can be quoted as projects based on estimated hours. Qualified Marketers are experienced in working with budgets to maximise every dollar.

Tailored Marketing Consulting solutions for your business

All the information available online, in books and in short courses on Marketing for small business won’t help if you cant implement it. Time, knowledge and skills to implement and review is what marketing consulting can bring to your business.