I’m assuming you have done your keyword research, defined your no1 keyword for each page and selected between 1-3 keywords relevant for each page on your website.

1/ Title: The first thing Google bots look at, try to insert your no1 keyword towards the front of the title. As with all metadata, each title on your site needs to be unique to that page. Titles should be between 20 and 66 characters in length.

Want the long explanation head over to MOZ, these guys are online experts. SEO Title Tag.

2/ Meta Description: This is an SEO copywriting exercise, it is important for click throughs. You customers read this in a list of google results and make a very quick decision on weather to click through to your site or keep looking.

Long Version here: Meta Description

3/ Meta Keywords: Keywords in metadata need to be aligned with the content on-page, they should reflect the keyword used in your title and any other relevant listed keywords should appear throughout your page.

4/ One Page Content: An ideal web page should do all of the following:

Make it relevant to a specific topic

  • Include subject in title tag
  • Include subject in URL
  • Include subject in image alt text
  • Specify subject several times throughout text content
  • Provide unique content about a given subject
  • Link back to its category page
  • Link back to its subcategory page (If applicable)
  • Link back to its homepage (normally accomplished with an image link showing the website logo on the top left of a page)

Long Version: On Page SEO Factors

5/ Duplicate content is bad. Make sure each page has unique meta data. Also check that your back end system is not creating multiple urls for your pages, categories or any content.

Long version: SEO and Duplicate Content